About the HFI DTC

Defence Technology Centres

The Ministry of Defence believes that there is a high payoff for UK Defence from collaboration within the broader UK science and technology community. Such collaboration means better equipment for MOD, more competitive products for industry and more opportunity for academia to exploit its ideas. For this reason the MoD inaugurated a number of Defence Technology Centres (DTCs).

A DTC is a formal collaborative arrangement between industry and academic experts in a particular technology, funded jointly by participants and the MOD. The participants work together to generate and enhance the technology vital to the delivery of future UK Defence capabilities.

In April 2003 the MOD announced the inception of the 'Human Factors Integration' Centre which researches and demonstrates technologies to support the development of a range of defence capabilities. The consortium is led by BAE Systems AeI. Other members are Birmingham University, Cranfield University, Lockheed Martin UK Integrated Systems Ltd, MBDA Ltd, Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd and the University of Southampton.

Human Factors Integration

Human Factors (HF) is a multidisciplinary field incorporating contributions from the human sciences such as occupational and organisational psychology, sociology, anthropology, physiology, ergonomics and anthropometry. HF relates primarily to the science of understanding the properties of human capability at the individual, team and collective levels (MOD Acquisition Operating Framework, 2011).

Human Factors Integration (HFI) is a systematic process focused on identifying, tracking and resolving human related issues ensuring a balanced development of both technological and human aspects of Capability