Advice to MOD

The HFI DTC is working with the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Human Factors Team to provide a one-stop shop for HFI support to the acquisition community. The HFI Team was re-launched in December 2008 following a reorganisation at DE&S and now resides within the Systems Engineering Integration Group (SEIG) at MOD Abbey Wood.

The HFI DTC is supporting Project Teams (PTs) and the DE&S Human Factors Team by:

The HFI DTC personnel deployed into the Joint HF Team will also support the MOD’s Human Capability Research programme by:

To ensure proper independence and probity, HFI DTC personnel will not:

The benefit of this approach is that the HFI DTC programme is providing the MOD with the opportunity to:

Looking to the future, the HFI DTC are working with DE&S to launch and coordinate an PT Community of Interest / Practice for HFI in 2009 with the goal of supporting the development of an in-house knowledge base. This forum would be open to all PT members with a HFI role including Project Team Leaders (PTLs), HFI Foci, TLMP representatives, risk managers and those responsible for related project domains including training and safety.

If you would like to know more about this initiative, please contact:

Carole Deighton
Claire Borras
Tel: 030679 34211