HFI Process


Recent years have seen increased understanding of the vital role of Human Factors Integration (HFI) in system effectiveness, safety and reliability - in civil as well as military enterprises. Concerns, however, remain about the effectiveness of HFI within the whole system life cycle. The goal of HFI has been to improve the process by which human factors considerations are integrated into the procurement of defence equipment, and is of growing importance to the MoD.

Evidence suggests, however, that the application of HFI is currently not without problems. As the nature of operations and technologies change, a more effective HFI process may be required to support acquisition.

The goal of this programme is to evaluate, modify and improve the current HFI process to better support the MoD. It will build on the existing research base with a view to developing improved and more integrated processes for HFI within the Through Life Capability Management and CADMID lifecycles.

HFI Process Research

HFI Process Research from Phase Three of the HFI DTC.

HFI Process Research from Phase Two of the HFI DTC.

HFI Process Research from Phase One of the HFI DTC.

For further information regarding this research please contact Dr Carole Deighton and Chris Kelly.